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Title GLOVIS Europe welcomes new CEO
Date Feb 13, 2017

GLOVIS Europe welcomes the new CEO Mr. Soo Chul Kim (Ritchie) on Tuesday, 7th of February. He follows Mr. Suk Yong Kim (Sean) who handed over the lead of the European businesses after seven years.

Mr. Sean Kim was significantly responsible for the development of the company during the recent years. The foundation of offices in Austria, Italy, Netherlands and Spain as well as the acquisition of the Polish logistics company Adampol S.A. underlines the large and successful change from a fourth- to a third party logistics provider. This is associated with the extension of the product portfolio in the field of finished vehicle transportation, parts supply logistics, freight forwarding and LED trading.

The new CEO, Soo Chul Kim, accompanied already the foundation of GLOVIS Europe as executive coordinator for four years starting from 2006. He takes a bright range of professional experiences in the logistics fields of container- and RoRo shipping and just demonstrated his proficiency as CEO of GLOVIS Turkey during the last three years.

 Picture: Soo Chul Kim (Ritchie), new CEO of GLOVIS EUROPE as of 7th of February 2017  

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