The right amount of light in the right place

Our systems provide the simplest and most effective way to save energy costs and ensure securitry at night. With a modular design, Hyundai Glovis LED road and street lighting can deal with a wide range of requirements based on factors such as the number of road lanes, road width, the level of curve, vehicle speed, etc. Furthermore, our solutions are suitable for a wide range of application¬s from subur-ban streets, to urban traffic streets routes to highways.

LED configurations

Hyundai Glovis LED road and street lighting das several standards LED configurations available, providing a broad range of lighting solutions.

Easy upgrades

You can easily upgrade your luminaire and retain the complete luminaire housing. This upgrades energy efficiency of the lighting for the future as well as greatly reducing the number of components that need to be replaced.

Efficiently deliver light where you need it

LEDs directional light can be easily captured and controlled with precise optical lenses while significant light from traditional street lights is lost or uncontrolled. Hyundai Glovis LED road and street lighting provides optimized light according to road and conditions through different combinations of lenses.

By combining two optical lenses and altering their arrangement or direction, multiple light distributions can be created.

In other words, IESNA type I distribution can create various wave forms, which can flexibly correspond to all applications.

Easy installation without the need to replace poles

Hyundai Glovis LED road and street lighting is designed to be compatible with various pole diameters and arm angle so that it can be easily installed without replacing the existing poles.


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