Ethics Seminar (Koper Branch, 30 MAR 2017)

- Ethics Seminar from professional trainer

- Consciousness for Code of Conduct in terms of Ethics

Newcomer Ethics Education

- Register Ethics Management course in New comer's training course

Ethics Slogan Contest (MAR 2017)

- Ethics Slogan Contest amongst the whole Glovis Europe employee

- Designated slogans are being posted on offices' bulletin board

- Slogans

1. Fair business for brighter future
2. Wrong is Wrong, Right is Right, Think the Ethics! Be the Best, yes we are Glovis Europe
3. Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do

Code of Ethics Action Pledge (JUL 2017)

- Newcomers were pledged the compliance of Code of Ethics

- Pledge is carried out by HR system

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