Thank you for visiting our website. I sincerely hope our website takes you a step closer to understanding GLOVIS Europe and the people behind our incredible success story and our passion for logistics.

Since 2006 GLOVIS Europe has an unrivaled status due to our logistics professionals, high-tech systems, and advanced logistics know-how. Our profound knowledge of the sector build up over the years and our wide-spread network of suppliers enable us to lead our industry.
We provide comprehensive logistical services to our customers in Europe as well as worldwide: Asia, USA, and Africa. With several partners globally, we provide excellent air and sea freight forwarding services to our customers all over the world.
In a time where national borders are losing significance and competition gains an international dimension GLOVIS Europe ensures a strong logistical presence globally for our customers with our distinguished advantages in logistical services.
Last but not least, I would to thank our partners and suppliers for their incredible cooperation.
I wish the entire Hyundai Glovis family continued success as we advance in Europe.
Kim, Soo-Chul

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