GLOVIS Europe offers comprehensive services for all requirements of automotive logistics. Whether inbound or outbound logistics GLOVIS Europe offers managing services for all stages of parts and vehicle transportation to point-of-sales.

Our wide-spread network and collaborations with some of the top-notch automotive logistics providers in Europe guarantee smooth and efficient transit of logistical processes. This is valid for all transportation modes: rail, truck and sea.

In combination with various automobile events, motor-shows and spot transportations, we offer our customers a wide range of specialization.
GLOVIS Europe offers very competitive rates and terms due to the considerable volume we handle in Europe. We also have extensive experience in managing and analyzing structures and flows in automotive supply chains.
This degree of specialization and modern outlook gives our customer the edge in choosing the best scenario and environment for their supply chain and market intelligence solution.
Our Headquarter is located in Frankfurt Main, Germany.

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